Rejection Is God’s Protection


I can’t remember a time that rejection ever felt good, can you? Anyone who has ever experienced it, knows that to be quite frank, the feeling sucks. Everyone (admittedly or not) has experienced some form of rejection in their life. In that moment of being rejected, it can feel like the worst thing ever. But, how many of you have ever stopped and seen the rejection in a positive light? Yes, a positive light. As a matter of fact, what if you looked at it as a form of love…God’s love? What if you looked at rejection as God’s protection?

Some of you have heard that saying before, and for others, this is the first time. Either way, try and take a second to really think about the meaning behind it: “Rejection is God’s Protection.” When it comes to matters of the heart, it can feel more crushing than protective though, huh?  Maybe it would help if I made it a little more personal and brought it back to my own life. Admittedly so, I have been rejected before. At the time of the rejection, I didn’t think about the fact that God was protecting me. I just felt hurt and confused. All I knew was that the person I was in a relationship with no longer wanted to be in one with me. Their feelings changed, but mine had not. And if someone wants out, you can’t make them stay. So there I was, rejected. Funny thing about rejection is that you don’t just feel it in the moment that it’s taking place; if you are not careful, the feeling of rejection lingers. I began to question myself, asking, “What did I do wrong?” “What’s wrong with me?” “What could/can I do to fix it?” It’s not a pretty place to sit. It was God, and only God that took me out of that place.

First and foremost, in order for God to lead and move in the situations in our lives, we have to submit them to Him. Proverbs 3:6 says “Seek His will in all you do and He will show you which path to take.” Sometimes we end up in hurtful situations, because we didn’t consult God in the first place, or we did consult Him, never really got an answer, and then decided to make up our own. And sometimes, even with prayer and hearing from God, it does not eliminate the possibility  of being hurt. Never getting hurt was not a promise from God, but He did promise that He would always be there through it. As I began to submit to the Lord every thought, feeling, but most of all, the situation, I saw things through a different lens. Have you ever had one of those “Ah ha!” moments? One day, I was talking to God and just thanking Him for where He had brought me to and the saying “rejection is God’s protection” popped into my mind. My “Ah ha!” moment was realizing all that God had kept me from experiencing by removing that relationship from my life.

Hindsight is 20/20, and it took me being removed from the situation and truly closing the door on it, to see things with a clearer vision. God allowing this rejection to take place, protected His child. While the statement itself, “rejection is God’s protection,” does not come directly from the Bible, let’s look at what Hebrews 12:6 says: “For the Lord disciplines those He loves, and punishes each one He accepts as His child.” Now, I am not saying my feelings being hurt were a form of punishment, but what I am saying is that when God loves us, He will do what is necessary to get us back on the right track. While we can only see in the immediate, God sees the FULL picture. We can never understand His ways or thoughts, but, we must trust that they are best. We cannot even begin to imagine all the bullets we dodged by God putting that big X up. God loves us…He really, truly, immensely loves us! Everything He does and everything He allows is for a reason and His plan is not to harm us. So, whether you experienced a breakup, or the person you like isn’t showing mutual interest, or whatever the case might be, instead of feeling dejected and rejected, trust that God knows best and He protects His children. And most importantly, know that God Himself, will never reject you.

But I’m Single…What Do I Know?

In His Love,



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